Magento Development

The beast that is Magento

Magento is a powerful, feature-rich platform. Thousands of websites use Magento for their ecommerce platform and it has become the industry standard in many cases. We are experienced with every aspect of building, running and growing your very own Magento website – not just from web design to web development but from idea to digital success!

Magento is the perfect platform for e-commerce stores looking to grow into their market – from fashion boutiques to large department stores, Magento has a vast range of features that cater to any business model. For example, with Magento’s powerful set of tools, you can create multiple storefronts with different themes, layouts and customisations so your business can target specific customers and they will always find what they’re looking for. You’ll also get detailed insights which means you’ll never be left wondering how your store is performing.

Magento’s flexible product display options make it easy to showcase even the smallest details about your products while its comprehensive data analytics suite provides invaluable information on customer behaviour and trends.

Building a Magento Store

A Magento web store’s design is vital to its success. Beyond how it looks on screen for multiple devices, it must convey credibility, calls to action and a smooth path to the checkout. The online shopping experience for the user is key in converting sales and increasing revenue. Starting off on the right path is key, SoloCommerce is committed to delivering the best possible starting point for online retailers.

Running a Magento Store

With your Magento store up and running, it is likely that you will want to test new functionality, respond to customer requests, adding new features or applying the latest security patches. That’s where we come in as Magento developers! We’re here to offer assistance in running your online business—not just your Magento website. You can count on us for a variety of Magento web developer services including ensuring that you have the best possible experience when working with our Brisbane based company.

Magento Expert Add-on Services


Magento hosting is one of the most critical factors for a successful Magento store, which is why we believe that our partners are better than us at it. The scalable and secure hosting they offer is perfect for all stores, regardless of size.

Payment Gateway Options

In order to operate a fully functional ecommerce website, you need to be able to accept payments from your customers. This where a payment gateway comes into play. You want your primary gateway to typically accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. With additional payment gateways offering newer payment technologies such as Afterpay, Zip or even Bitcoin.

Shipping Options

In the competitive market of today, getting your products into the hands of customers in Australia in a cost-effective and efficient manner is no easy task. Plus a courier can make or break the customer experience. With online shopping growing at an exponential rate, couriers have become more eCommerce friendly. Using a Magento web developer to integrating with shipping providers is a great way to offer delivery options while ensuring costs don’t negatively affect bottom lines.

Social Commerce

Social media is here to stay! It has become an integral part of the online experience, allowing customers to transact directly while browsing those platforms reduces barriers for potential sales.

Marketplace Integration

Reach new customers through new channels as your store evolves, you’ll want to be able to put your product in front of more eyes. Expanding into existing marketplaces will fulfil that wish and opening up a whole world of potential growth for your store. Integrating with marketplaces such as Google, Amazon, eBay and Kogan will help you do just that. Integrating with these popular platforms can take some work but as experienced Magento developers, we can implement the solution to provide a wealth of opportunities for growth.

Point of Sale Integration

If you want to stay ahead in the retail industry, it’s important that your customers can have a seamless experience no matter what – from the convenience of their phones or laptops to shopping in person. You need a centralised point for product data and Magento is ideal for this task as it connects seamlessly with point-of-sale software and allows businesses to customize their store.

Professional Support Services

Our Magento maintenance and support packages provide on-going ecommerce support services for our clients based in Brisbane and around Australia.

Custom Magento Development

As Magento developers, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative technologies to integrate. We’re here to help you find that perfect solution to match your business needs, no matter how complicated they are.

To learn more about custom integrations and how a Magento developer can create a custom digital solution for you, contact us today.

Growing a Magento Store

One of the most important parts of running an online business is time management. The day to day activities are going to keep you busy enough, however, it’s vital that your focus also stays on long-term success. Working on the business rather than in it is key for success! With our 20 years of web technologies experience, we can be your online growth partner in Australia for local and global success.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the one key growth strategy available to increase traffic and ultimately revenue for a webstore. It’s the best investment you can do, once established organic search traffic will be a consistent source of revenue. We provide ecommerce SEO services from Brisbane such as monthly plans to one-off audits and reports.

Ecommerce Consulting

Your webstore–with its infinite potential to reach customers all over the world–needs a plan. With the right strategy and Magento ecommerce agency, it can become an online powerhouse that converts visitors into customers with ease. We’ll help you create the perfect ecommerce plan for your business to meet your business goals and exceed customer expectations.